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How well do you really know the back of your hand?

So I was showering this morning, barely awake, and I starting thinking about the back of my hand as I was doing my usual soaping routine. I thought, “Geez holySmith!, how well do you really know the back of your hand? For that matter, how well does anyone REALLY know the back of their hand?”

It’s something to ponder. I mean, you know the back of your hand to the point where you can look at it and not be terribly surprised by what you see, but do you think if you didn’t have it in front of you that you could accurately recreate it or describe it to a sketch artist if, let’s say, the back of your hand suddenly went missing for whatever reason?

I think it is like when you know all the words to a song – when that song is playing. If you were to turn off the music, could you sing all the words to that song without the help of the original artist? Not so sure everyone can do that. Try it sometime when you are driving alone so you don’t make other people’s ears burn with your singing (you know you couldn’t carry a tune if someone packed it in a suitcase and handed it to you).

holySmith! thinks that it is time to reconsider some of these old sayings, and maybe find new ones. I will start to ponder some new examples of suitable sayings and get back to you.

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