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Hybrid Weakness

I found a weakness in my little Hybrid car. Here I was thinking I was making a great move by getting a place only 5.6 miles from work, but in doing so, I have discovered that my little Civic Hybrid gets “crappy” gas mileage now due to a combination of the 9000 speed bumps between our building and the exits of our apartment, the stop and go traffic of our ever-growing town, and the short trips.

While I haven’t filled up since the 4th of December (and I probably won’t have to until after the new year), it is kind of a bummer that I have pretty much kept the MPG meter in the 47 to 51 range since I got the car in September of 2004. As I have mentioned in previous blog entries, they put the real-time fuel efficiency gauge on the cluster and it is like a game to see how high you can get it to go (the record is 120mpg, which is the highest it will go).

But now I am in the 40 miles per gallon range and that is kind of a bummer. I am already looking at the next new thing in hybrids, which is the 2006 Civic Hybrid. It has some upgrades to it that make it more efficient then the one I have (a 2004) and even though I am not too crazy about the looks, I will probably always have a hybrid car in my driveway (even when I get the long awaited Corvette — yeah, that dream will never die).

I know it’s not like this is such a bad thing to get 40 mpg. I could be driving a Hummer and getting 10 mpg on a good day. I guess the competitive game player in me is just torqued because I can’t keep that mpg meter higher. What’s a fuel-efficient car driver supposed to do? It still does well on the highway, but I don’t have to take the highway much now. I live smack dab in the center of town, so I can take the streets everywhere.

Oh well. I guess I will just take comfort in knowing that even at it’s worst, my little car is still better in the gas department than just about anything else on the road. Competitively speaking.

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