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If not for the Internet, I’d lose my mind

So I have been watching Flight of the Conchords episodes the past week or so and the girl that played Bret’s girlfriend Coco. . .every time I saw her, I was like “Dammit I know that chick from somewhere.”

It was bugging the shit out of me, so today I looked up the show online and found her name: Sutton Foster. After reading her bio, I realized that we went to high school together in Michigan (Troy High). I knew I knew her face but I couldn’t remember where from, which I believe is attributable to a combination of getting older and having moved 21 times in my life, which meant I went to one pre-school, one kindergarten, three elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and three universities.

Admittedly, I didn’t really know her so it’s not like I can call her and catch up on old times or anything, but I definitely recognized her. Funny that so many people from Troy High went on to have TV and film careers. The guy who played the Red Power Ranger originally went there, too. He was our first baseman on the Troy High baseball team one year.

Anyway, the mystery is solved and we can now move on with our lives. By the way, the show is one of those “cult favorites” referred to me by none other than El Gammy. It is rather funny and it definitely grows on you. The songs are hilarious and if nothing else, three of the main characters are Kiwis, so they are funny just when they talk. If you have the time, give it a looksee.

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  • El Gammy October 19, 2007, 9:29 am

    A couple thoughts:

    First of all, “Two middles schools?” Really? English major, you said?

    Second, I’m glad Sutton Foster aka “Coco” aka “Yoko” wasn’t your friend, because I already despise her for trying to break up the band. Coming around with her artsy fartsy crap and pretending to be ticklish around Bret just so she could split up the ambiguously Kiwi duo – not cool Sutton, not cool.

    And speaking of, what kind of a name for a chick is Sutton anyway? I’d always thought that was the perfect last name for a baseball broadcaster. Imagine someone calling over to her house: “Yeah, hi. Is Sutton there?” If you overheard that short conversation, tell me you wouldn’t a) expect some guy with a deep voice to eventually answer the phone and b) start making as many gay jokes as you can think of once your buddy starts flirting with someone named “Sutton.”

    Third, I noticed you described the show as being “rather funny.” Don’t you ever say another unkind word about Flight of the Conchords! Me and Silent David modeled our whole f’n lives after Jemaine and Bret. I’m a smooth pimp who loves the pussy, and tubby here is my black man-servant, what!?

    Whoa… sorry… I may have taken that movie quote way too far, but I dropped more than enough hints for someone (should be you) to get the reference.

    Anyway, the Red Power Ranger was a total gaywad. Let me ask you something, when he played first base for your high school baseball team, did he wear his uniform as tight as he wears his Power Ranger costume? I’ll bet you that locker room strictly adhered to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and shame on you if you were ever part of that (because not making fun of gays is wrong).

  • holySmith! October 19, 2007, 9:53 am

    1) What typo? I think your “performance enhancing supplements” have made you a bit on the retarded side.

    2) Since when did you start caring about girls’ names? It’s not like you ever bother to remember them or use them anyway.

    3) “rather funny”, meaning ha-ha funny, or, as we Americans like to call it, a “compliment”. Stupid Mexican.

    4) I can’t speak intelligently about the Power Ranger costumes. The guy I went to school with was a 6’4″ black dude, played baseball and basketball and otherwise did well with the ladies, but maybe it was all a cover for gayness. I don’t know.

    5) You’re a douche. . .and not just your everyday Bagglio Ordonez douche. We’re talking Joel Osteen caliber douche.

  • El Gammy October 23, 2007, 12:39 pm

    1) You fixed the typo after I pointed it out, so don’t go getting all penisy on me. I first used this technique years ago at MyPicksPal, so I’m considering suing you for some sort of intellectual property infringement. If anything, my performance enhancing supplements have further enhanced my intellectual prowess.

    2) Since douchebag parents began naming their girls “Sutton,” “Alex,” and “Jon” (as in Jon Benet Ramsey – by the way, I passed up a golden opportunity to make fun of the fact that you share your name with women, but instead I opted to defend my stance on caring about chicks’ names and simultaneously sparing myself from your subsequent ridicule against my putrid name). These are not girls’ names and these parents should be held accountable in some way… castration or perhaps clitoral brutalization.

    3) My point was that “rather funny” was too weak of a compliment to be paid to Flight of the Conchords. You should’ve used superfluous adjectives such as “hilarious,” “hysterical,” “laugh out loud funny,” or “the funniest comedy in years.” Watch a trailer or two will ya? Sheeeesh…

    4) I was in 4th grade during the height of the Power Rangers popularity, so I CAN speak intelligently about the Red Ranger. Wiki told me his name is Austin St. John and he’s a pussy white guy, whom is most likely gay. You must be confusing him with your high school crush, “a 6′4″ black dude, [who] played baseball and basketball and otherwise did well with the ladies.”

    5) YOU’RE a douche. . . in fact, you’re a holydouche!

  • El Gammy October 23, 2007, 1:02 pm

    PS – All in all you’re just another douche in a bag.

  • holySmith! October 23, 2007, 1:03 pm

    1) Douche.
    2) Douche.
    3) Douche.
    4) Wrong guy (This is the right guy). . .and you are a PowerRangerDouche.
    5) YOU can check your Douchier-than-thou-attitude at the door.

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