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I’m holySmith! and I approve this message

I have a thought and perhaps you would agree. Take just one of the main candidates for any state’s senate race. Have the candidate take all the money they have in the warchest to fund their television ads and instead of making COMPLETELY RETARDED political ads, make one ad that runs a simple message that teaches people something.

Perhaps the ad could, in thirty seconds, educate everyone about a simple thing like always washing your hands after using the bathroom. I mean, everyone knows they should do that, but they don’t do it. Educate people about the germs that are passed and how they can even help prevent illnesses just by washing their hands properly each and every time. Perhaps if people saw a commercial on television every seven minutes for three months straight on every channel known to humankind about how to wash their hands after using the bathroom, they might actually do it.

Yes, I am tired of political ads for candidates, about candidates, and for/against propositions. I already voted and mailed that thing in last week. I am not retarded, but it took me three days to read through all the propositions and also statements and other info about the candidates. It was a painful process indeed.

Political ads have become like the WWF/WWE wrestling shows and talkshows like Jerry Springer. On the surface, you might get agitated by what you see because you think, “who the hell watches this crap?”. But then, you realize what it is and why it is entertaining. The premises are so ridiculous that they are ridiculously funny once you accept that they are entertainment, not any attempt at reality, truth, justice, or anything of substance OTHER than entertainment.

Sadly, such is our political world. What a bunch of tools. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that I can’t look upon political topics as anything but a cheap laugh, or the fact that politicians have dropped to such a level as to “live up” to their status in most peoples minds. You know, that politicians rank right up there with cockroaches and personal injury lawyers for most people. Politicians must lose sleep wondering why people hate them so much, right?

It’s crazy to think how much money it takes to dig up poorly researched and mostly irrelevant facts about your opponent, then to hire the dramatic voiceover man/woman to record the “shocking” news that could sway a potential voter to vote against that person. If they could only use that money and airtime for something productive, imagine the simple things that could be accomplished. If I want to watch horseshit drama on television, I will watch the WB network, or the CW network, or whatever they hell they call it these days.

The climate of politics should be made a political issue more than anything. Take John Kerry’s “bad joke” comment about Bush/fighting in Iraq. Clearly, there are two obvious things here: One, John Kerry is a complete douchebag and he is about as funny as dead puppy. Secondly, the media and republicans are just as retarded as John Kerry. The fact that everyone and their grandmother was asked for a comment about his comments and that IT WAS ACTUALLY DEBATED for three days whether or not he was talking about our president or our troops is utterly amazing. If I were a democratic strategist, I would think that rubbing Ben-Gay in the underwear of all Americans would be a more effective way to win people over than by letting John Kerry continue to open his mouth.

Here is my estimation of politics these days: the two main parties have their heads stuck so far up each other’s asses that they have completely gone blind to any real issues. And even if we do elect new people who run campaigns based on “change”, we all know that simply doing something different than the guy before you doesn’t make it any better. I believe The Who said it best when they said, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

I am technically still a card-carrying Democrat, but as soon as I move and re-register to vote, that will end. The Democrats are just as retarded as the Republicans, so I plan not to affiliate with either party completely. Sadly, both parties seem to represent the perception of the people, and as we know, perception is reality. Or something like that.

I am holySmith! and I approve this message and thank god for Tivo this election year.

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