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Interesting film

I watched a film the other night called “Death of a President” which is actually a fictional film that was filmed (and is presented) in a documentary-type format. The entire thing is based on the hypothetical assassination of Bush and the complex plotline around determining who did it. There is actually a bit of drama there, so I won’t spoil it.

It is made to look “real” and some of the scenes were filmed at actual anti-war/anti-Bush protests. It definitely feels real. It is definitely an interesting film and worth watching. It is a point of much controversy given the subject matter and the intimate details of the whole scenario. A lot of people were not happy about this film, which is why it was only ever released on DVD. It is one of those polarizing things. Of course, any more, what isn’t?

If it does nothing else, it forces people to sit and think about how they would feel if Bush did get assassinated. It is scary, sad, and unthinkable if you really stop and think about it, all because it happens on US soil. The film takes the Obvious Train and throws in the Muslim card as a potential suspect. It’s scary to think about this happening in this day and age. No matter how you feel about a president, if this happens, and it happens here, it is sad and scary. Period.

And it’s obviously pretty clear that most everyone can’t stand the guy and thinks he’s a complete idiot. While I think the guy has turned the world into a shit show, the worst thing that could happen in real life is for him to get killed, especially now. This film also shows what happens if Bush goes down. . .Cheney takes over.

Now if there is one thing that could be worse than Bush as president, that would be Dick Cheney. That’s like Jar Jar Binks handing over control to the Emporer. Now I don’t care how much you hate Bush – I would rather have him than Cheney in charge. And if Bush get’s offed at this point in the game, who knows what kind of crazy laws could come about (the movie posits Patriot 3 as the likely outcome of a presidential assassination). All scary to think about.

The concept is pretty dimented given that it uses the acting president as the victim, but it makes you think. As a film, it was pretty well done. I think it is worth seeing regardless of your political feelings.

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