Internet comments suck

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Internet comments suck

Well, some of them do. I’m sure El Gammy will find a way to make this post’s comment thread awesome.

The comment sections on news websites and larger, more popular sites like Rolling Stone are always a shit show of humanity. Nobody really knows each other. Combine that and the relative anonymity of the Internet and it’s easy to sling shit at the author, the website, the subject matter, the other commenters and the other commenters’ mothers. The result is a joke.

Many of them devolve into how everything’s Obama’s fault or Bush’s fault or the Illuminati’s master plan. Or whateverthefuck.

I was reading a Rolling Stone article about the Episode VII cast and, despite the fact that I know better, started reading the comments section.

Given my chosen line of work, I can appreciate that some of the commenters are trolls. Maybe some are employed by Rolling Stone to get the activity on the page increased by stirring the pot. More traffic leads to more page views and more ad impressions, which ends up being more money for them. It’s ethically sleazy and I hope they don’t actually do that, but now that I’m old, nothing really shocks me anymore.

On the other hand, maybe there are just that many idiots who like to comment on things even though they don’t realize they’re idiots. Maybe they are unaware that they have little or nothing to add the conversation. But hey man, it’s a free country.

Speaking of, there’s the guy who wants Palpatine to be in the new movie. Palpatine’s dead, buddy. See Return of the Jedi if you don’t believe me. Then there’s the All Title Case Comment Guy who thinks the “movie will suck” because they’re “watering down the past by not letting things go.” I suppose this is because they’re using ageing actors from the original films. Maybe wait to see the flick before judging it? [SPOILER ALERT] Luke, Han, Leia and the other original characters might only be in this thing for the first five minutes and die in a fiery crash in the equally old Millennium Falcon. Who knows. Peter Mayhew uses a cane to walk these days, so don’t expect Chewbacca to be anywhere but in an easy chair. But whatever. Give it a chance.

What a bunch of poo.

And maybe that’s the point. I don’t know. Maybe it’s supposed to be like WWE, reality TV or Fox News where you purposely run with the most ridiculous and sensationalized crap to get people stirred up and ready to fight.

Clearly it works.

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