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Iowa legalizes gay

So I click over to MSNBC.com just a minute ago (it’s beer-thirty on Friday, btw) and this little video headline catches my eye that reads, “Iowa becomes first in Midwest to legalize gay”. holySmith! can totally make this stuff up, but why bother when our trusted news sources do it for us! This is awesome.

And hooray Iowa for being a trailblazer here. Way to legalize gay. I had no idea “gay” was illegal. Does it mean that people in Iowa are now allowed to be happy? After all, Iowa is just the largest suburb of Chicago, so they have no real identity of their own (it’s OK, I used to live there and I can prove it because I know where Keokuk is). For example, there are tons of people from Iowa in Phoenix. Ask them where they are from and they will tell you Chicago (they are all Bears/Cubs fans mostly). If you say “oh, where in Chicago did you live?” and they will finally come clean and admit they’re from Iowa. It’s not a bad thing to be from Iowa, but people just know where Chicago is on a map, so they go with what people know.

Anyway, Iowa is “OK with Gay” now so chalk one up for the Hawkeye State!

Iowa Legalizes Gay! - You can't make this stuff up! Thanks MSNBC.com.

Iowa Legalizes Gay! - You can't make this stuff up! Thanks MSNBC.com.

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  • JaceOne April 4, 2009, 8:47 pm

    holySmith! dude…believe you me. This was a major talking point Friday at work. The Jim was telling me he was so happy for me that I could legally marry in Iowa, Tuefel was making some random gay joke, and I was telling everyone to go fucking die. It was awesome. What’s even more awesome is THIS is the type of shit that puts Iowa on the map. I think I’m going to kill myself now.

  • Jeff Martin April 6, 2009, 8:55 am

    Gay marriage and flooding. Its quite a state.

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