3 Comments on “Is AZ Governor Jan Brewer Really Mr. Burns?”

  1. No, you’re getting your lesbians mixed up. . . that’s Janet Napolitano who was our Governor. She was chosen by the president to take over the Department of Homeland Security and when she agreed to do that, our state was stuck with Jan Brewer (a.k.a. Mr. Burns).

    And just a quick heads up for you El Gammy: By tomorrow (Saturaday) afternoon, if Jan Brewer doesn’t veto the immigration legislation on her desk, get ready to have cops start asking you for your papers to prove you’re here legally!

  2. So, since a legal resident’s papers would be an ID or driver’s license I fail to see the issue. The question comes out of the officer’s list when you show the item to the officer when they ask you to prove who you are.

    Little do people know but it is a crime, misdemeanor in Arizona, to be unable to prove who you are as an adult, 0ver 18, when asked by law enforcement already.

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