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John Elway

John Elway was a great football player. He was smart and tough. He found ways to win games. I saw him beat the Houston Oilers in the playoffs one year. He pulled a classic Elway last minute drive and won in dramatic fashion. We had great seats.

That was a great sports memory for me.

ASU totally blew ass on saturday. After a successful tailgate, great bratwurst, and a few beers, we walked over to the game. Oregon ran up, down, and all over our D. It was painful to watch as Sam Keller was totally gun shy after the whole USC thing. They didn’t come out and throw the aggressive passes and take charge like we are used to. And at the end of the day, they just got whooped. This was not a great sports memory.

But we had great seats.

In fact, if you happen to see an ASU football game on TV, we are in the endzone next to the visiting team’s tunnel. We are right next to the camera dude and we have been seen on such stations as ABC, ESPN, and Fox Sports Arizona. All good stuff.

I am the guy in the yellow shirt.

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