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Life on Mars gets the boot

Crap. Here we go again. Life on Mars has been canceled.

Another good show bites the dust. I am starting to suspect that the networks do this crap on purpose now so they can gauge what kind of fans a show really has. People don’t openly praise things or offer compliments just because. They just don’t. If something sucks ass, you can expect someone to bring it to your attention quickly (ask anyone who has ever worked as a retail manager, present company included).

[Actually, I wish that were totally true, because if it were, we wouldn’t have crap like American Icehole, or Dancing with the Assclowns, or forced drama horse poo shows that are engineered to be trainwrecks for people to watch. I watch TV so I don’t have to see more “reality”. Life supplies enough drama.]

But few people make it a point to tell a cashier that they want to speak to the store manager about how enjoyable their shopping experience was today, or how they did, in fact, find everything they were looking for. Nope, you just don’t get that.

But as soon as you take something away, out of the woodwork, the fans come out. And therein lies the test. If we (the network) pull this show, we are definitely going to see how much people like it. Then we can decide if we want to sell it to another network, release it on DVD, or maybe even bring it back. Or make a movie out of it. Or whatever.

Anyway, it’s crap if you ask me (and I know all 4 of you did ask). holySmith! the Wife is already pretty pissed since Life on Mars and Lost are the shows we watch during our “kid break” when holySmith! the Boy is in bed and we get a few hours to relax kinda. Ugh. They are most likely going to replace the show with some total piece of crap, which will drive people like me further from network television, which will drive advertisers away, which will continue the cycle to the next good show to be canceled.


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  • El Gammy March 6, 2009, 8:32 am

    F? As in FUCK? You were afraid to type it on your blog so the Google bots won’t blacklist you in any way?

    Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of the Google bots, so I’ll curse for you: FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK.

    There… feel better?

    Burn Notice, Scrubs, Heroes… THOSE would be shows society cannot afford to lose.

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