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Look out for Dolphins

As soon as the Ravens screwed the pooch and called that timeout after their D stopped New England on fourth down, you just knew Douche Brady would march his fellow ass clowns down the field and score. The Ravens pretty much had this game until they went and shot themselves in the foot.

On Saturday, I commented to a friend that it would be fantastic for the New England Patriots to keep winning until they play the Miami Dolphins in a few weeks. Let’s hope that after tonight’s win, the Patriots can hold on for a few more games. Let’s also hope that Miami stays defeated until that time.

When these two teams meet, Miami will get their first win of the season, and the overconfident Patriots will lose their first game of the year. This is my prediction only because this story couldn’t work out any better in terms of the drama. The douches at ESPN have already been talking about how the Patriots will go undefeated since like week six or whatever, and they are quite confident that the team won’t lose now. For me, it is like watching someone who is bowling against you get like 9 strikes in a row. . .you know it is just a matter of time before they blow the 300. You don’t openly wish them to screw it up, but when they do, you quietly feel the joy of knowing they couldn’t duke it out mentally.

As a bitter Bears fan, I don’t have a lot to be happy about this year, so I can only hope that my NFL season is saved by this one remaining shred of hope – that Miami will take down the Patriots in a piece of pure football irony.

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