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Entry number three of Why the Internet is Great. Don’t ask me where I find these. I did work in a dotcom startup during the boom. We used to have a live netcam of all our office ping pong games so our proud parents could marvel at our technology from anywhere in the world and watch as we were paid to play ping pong while at work. Those were great times.

When we weren’t playing the pong live on the Internet, we were watching the creative genius of webmasters such as the person (most likely a guy) who came up with Doodie.com.


Yes, it IS what you think it is, but it is funny, not graphic. It is a cartoon character that takes cartoon dumps on just about anything. These are updated all the time and you can scroll through the archives of past doodies. These are particularly funny for males between the ages of 8 and 94, as poop jokes never get old for dudes.

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