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Metropolitan Grill Springfield, MO


holyMetro Grill!

holySmith! The Fans (Clark, Colleen and Rex) treated holySmith! The Family to a rather fantastic dinner this week at the prestigious Metropolitan Grill in Springfield, MO. You’d never guess that Springfield (home of the Simpsons, Bass Pro Shops, Tracker Boats, and O’Reilly Automotive) would have such a kick-ass place to fine dine, but all holySmith! can say is . . .


I ordered the 7-oz. fillet. Our waiter handed me a steak knife and said, “I’m going to give this to you, but you probably won’t need it since you can use your butter knife to cut it,” to which I replied, “OK, let’s put that to the test.”

But instead of using the better knife to cut my steak, I used my fork. And it cut through the steak like it was hot butter. It was awesome. Everything about it was awesome. Perfect steak.

This is the spinach appetizer. It kicks new levels of culinary ass.

This is the spinach appetizer. It kicks new levels of culinary ass.

They also have this spinach appetizer which is prepared in such a way that it is light and flaky, and it literally melts in your mouth. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen or tasted – again, awesome.

Don’t even get me started about desert. I had the turtle cheesecake, which is to cheesecake what Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool in her red bikini in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is to full-frontal nude scenes. Seriously. It’s that good.

Phoebe Cates

holySmith! The Wife confirmed that the wine selections were top-notch and that combined with the fact that we had a private room and specially prepared gourmet mac-and-cheese with chicken for holySmith! The Boy and holySmith! The Niece made for an incredible evening from start to finish.

holySmith! special thanks to Clark, Colleen and Rex – seriously you guys – we had a lot of fun and we’re glad we finally got to meet you after all these years! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

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