Microsoft Surface will be the coolest way to Xerox your butt

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If you haven’t heard about Microsoft Surface, it is basically a really neat thing that looks like either a coffee table or an old Pac-Man sit-down arcade screen.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

You have to watch the promo videos to appreciate all the cool shit this thing can (could) do, like when you set your smartphone down on it, it recognizes it and enables you to transfer files, music, pictures, etc. It would allow you to sync your portable music device with new tunes, or share tunes with someone who has another device, just by setting the devices on the . . . wait for it . . . Surface.

But the biggest thing I want to know is this: Will this bagillion dollar gadget Xerox your butt and send that (extremely disturbing and brutally detailed) image to your friends?

‘Cause if it does, sign me up. I can totally think of some folks who I’d like to e-moon (full choad) right now.

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