The Money Hole Eats Money

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holySmith! is brain-fried. Seriously. All my money goes down the money hole – no matter how much I make – and I stress about how to keep enough money in my account every day so that I can feed the need of the money hole. You know me. I’m a writer. But this isn’t some clever metaphor for life or whatever. It’s real.

The money hole is real. The Interwebs say so. Watch it for yourself if you don’t believe me:

Uh huh. That’s right. I thought so. Now do you believe me? The proof is sitting there, staring you right in the face. Pretty hard to argue against it, isn’t it.

So don’t sit there on your high horse or other ride-able animal that puts you in a position of elevation and tell me that you, too, don’t contribute to the money hole. Believe it. Feed it.

It’s the money hole.

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