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Moving master

I am the moving master. Saturday will be the 22nd time I have moved (I am pretty sure that’s the right number). This most recent move will probably be my last one for at least a few years since we bought the place this time. No more renting, thankfully.

With each move comes another exercise in organization, planning, and coordination. If not for a few heavy items, I would probably just move everything myself only because I am such a freak about it. But once the moving day starts, I am always glad for the help I have. Also, while not the most fun thing to do, it is always nice to hang out with friends and family who help me out that day.

This moving thing was thrust on me at a young age, so I have honed my skills over the years to the point where my moves are now the ultimate exercise in anal retentiveness. My father is proud to know that I have carried on his legacy of having the ability to pack absurd amounts of stuff into small trunks, moving vans, boxes, etc. It truly is an art. In fact, once I cash out of the Internet marketing business, I think I might “go pro” and start a moving consultancy.

Most people hate to move, but then again, most people don’t move 22 times before they are 33 years old. I, on the other hand, am addicted to it. I realized this at a young age, as evidenced by getting sentenced to spend the day in my room for bad behavior, and not coming out for an entire day which was spent re-arranging all my toys and furniture. The more times I did that, the more I liked doing it (and eventually my parents realized that sending me to my room was in no way a punishment).

Moving is more or less my drug. I crave the uniform stacks of neatly labeled boxes, organized by room. I love the puzzle of packing a truck with all my stuff. The only thing I love more than all that is the new house, new layout, and the new challenge of arranging everything, unpacking, and recycling my packing materials. What cocaine does for some people, moving does for me. Indeed it is a sickness, but a noble one. And my services are for hire.

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