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Mrs. Jeley’s cookies are the key to world peace

Mrs. Jeley's Cookies

Jeley brought in cookies to the office today. Mrs. Jeley made them. I tried one.

Holy shit.

Mrs. Jeley’s cookies, had they been put into play politically several months ago, could have been the bargaining chip that brought sweeping change to the healthcare industry with unanimous support from both political parties, no questions asked.

Mrs. Jeley’s cookies are so F-ing good that they could easily save a marriage.

Mrs. Jeley’s cookies almost caused me to want to tolerate lactose. Almost. It was –>] [<-- this close! Mrs. Jeley's cookies can easily cause you to break out into full-on schoolgirl skipping, even if you're a card-carrying MAN with chest hair and a radial-arm saw. Mrs. Jeley's cookies are the secret that Victoria has been withholding all these years. Mrs. Jeley's cookies were, with regard to Darth Vader, what Padme was referring to when she said "there is still good in him" in Star Wars: Episode III. Mrs. Jeley's cookies, had they been present at the Garden of Eden, would have been reason enough for holySmith! to attend church all these years instead of going fishing or watching football on Sundays. Mrs. Jeley's cookies could possibly make it snow in Phoenix. holySmith! now expects a white Xmas in Tempe. Mark it down weatherman. Mark it down. Mrs. Jeley's cookies, along with the cookies of holySmith! The Wife and holySmith! The Mother-in-Law have brought Xmas joy to holySmith!, even in these trying economic times. And for that, we are thankful.

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  • Ms. Jeley December 24, 2009, 12:03 am

    LMAO. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment on my cookie baking skill. I thoroughly enjoyed baking them and giving them away for others to enjoy. I'm still not sure about the white Xmas in Tempe part . . . hmmmmm. It would be extremely cool if it happened!!

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