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My Democrat friend can kick your Republican friend’s ass

It is funny because some people think it is true.

In politics, one side can take any fragmented, out-of-context, totally inane informational tidbit and magnify it and blow it up into something that everyone finds out about within a day. It’s too bad that the magnifier being used is like that silly mirror at the funhouse that distorts the image being reflected into some horribly deformed, hilarious-looking creature. It’s funny.

It’s funny like the New Yorker Cover is funny because it depicts an image that some horribly mistaken people believe to be true for one reason or another. I find this image funny because it suggests the ridiculous belief that, had I not heard it from someone firsthand, I would never in a million years have thought of about Barack Obama – that he is secretly a terrorist plotting to overthrow the United States if he’s elected president.

If that is indeed the case, I am fairly certain that our current administration’s illegal wiretaps would have picked up on something of that magnitude, but who am I to start fights (insert dastardly chuckle here). . .

The real reason for this post is that I have a friend who is a very politically-charged person (he’s a Democrat) and, taking a page from the Michael Vick playbook on dogfighting, I am willing to wager that he could totally kick your Republican friend’s ass in a political blog battle royale. My friend has the admirable quality of having clear political beliefs and he’s not afraid to share them. Since he as taken the liberty of posting his beliefs on his blog, I feel obligated to honor his choices as a proud American blogger and “help a brother out” (that’s caucasian for “spread the word”) and blog about his blog my own self.

So that’s it. Go visit his blog and exercise your right to agree or disagree by posting your comments.

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