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You get a little busy with a business, coach some baseball, get back to bowling, lose yourself in home improvement projects. . .blink. . .then it’s suddenly the tail end of 2019.

Like. . .what the heck?

Sorry 2016, 2017 and 2018 for not posting anything. A lot happened and I have drafts of posts started that were never finished and never posted. I’m a terrible blogger.So what to do with this old ghost town of a website? I can continue to chronicle random stuff despite a whopping gap in the timeline or I could devote the site to something else. You know that David Gilmour retired the iconic Black Strat for a long time — the one that just sold to Jim Irsay for $4 million in June — and it sat on a wall in a Hard Rock Cafe in Houston gathering dust, grease and getting pieces picked off of it. Then, one day, he sent Phil Taylor, his guitar tech, to pick it up, nice it up, and he used it from the time of the 2005 reunion show at Live 8 all the way up until this year. So I guess three or four years isn’t that big of a gap in the big picture.

You can always dust off the old junk and put it to use again if it’s good junk.

One option is to turn holySmith! The Boy (who’s just about to be a teenager, btw) loose on this thing and let him learn the family business. I mean, he and his brother have basically taken over my holySmith! monicker on other gaming platforms, so why not shovel my entire digital legacy over to them?I probably could use this as a baseball coaching blog or whatever else I’m into this week, but I kind of think that’s a separate topic and would need a separate URL. . .which means more work that I won’t have time or the remaining eyesight to do. So that’s probably not going to happen.

Maybe after years of not posting on here, this will once again be the place where my internet friends and family come for all holySmith! related news and events. It’ll be like the early years. Maybe I’ll take a page out of the aging rock band playbook and remaster and re-issue some of my old posts, like the one about how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’ve eaten.

There was a time when I ranted about political crap but Facebook officially ruined that pastime for most of us. This blog kind of showed how much more time on my hands I used to have when I still had an actual job that had an actual office and that this was my testing grounds for some of the work I used to do. Oddly, it’s pretty much exactly the same work I still do, but I guess I don’t need as much practice.

OK, so now that I’m a few paragraphs into this “thinking aloud” thing, it’s time to make some choices. First, I think it’s definitely time for some remodeling. I’ll update the site with a new look. I’ve been wanting to test a few things lately and build this thing into something geared more towards phone reading than desktops. Then I’m going to open things up to the boys since there was a great deal of past content which was essentially from or about them. One’s an aspiring gamer/computer geek and the other is quite the little artist. They are into and out of and back into so many things on a weekly basis that there should always be something to talk about. If nothing else, this will stay alive long enough to find out if websites are actually dying or, perhaps, the kids will inherit an internet relic right when websites get retro-cool again and I’ll get to come on here and tell stories about ping-pong tournaments and three-hour lunches back in the dotcom days. It’s all cyclical, I guess.

So, that’s the plan. Not sure to whom I’m actually speaking since it’s pretty much just spambots on here anymore, but there ya go. Stay tuned for . . . something.

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