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New Addiction: Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star Wars II for XBox 360 is like crack. Not since the original Legend of Zelda for NES have I been this hopelessly wasteful of my time. For so many years, I behaved myself when it came to video games. I resisted the PlayStation despite my roommates constant playing. I resisted the temptation of 3DO benders when I was in the Fraternity house at DU. I steered clear of almost all PC games until after I finished school, just because I knew I would never graduate if I allowed video games to consume me. I know I get too hooked on them and I can’t stop until I finish the game. I pretty much stayed away from all the game consoles after Sega until last year when I broke down and got an XBox 360.

Well, here I go again.

I have been playing some games over the past year, but none have be so addictive to me. None have been so involved that I wind up losing several hours at a time. I think part of the reason is that it is a tandem game, so holySmith! the Wife and I have been plugging away at the missions for a few weeks now, in between baby duties (no pun intended).

The other reason is that it is based on the original Star Wars trilogy, so the whole thing is very familiar to me. The game itself is quite childish, but much in the same way that Mario Bros was so addictive, you can’t help but be amused and drawn into the action. It is a very simple game to play control-wise, but the depth and variety of the missions and overall gameplay are what will lead to my eyes failing. You just can’t put it down most of the time. It also doesn’t help that you can’t just quit mid-chapter because it won’t let you save until you finish the level.

Yes, I am an addict. I am guessing there will be another blog about this topic, if not when we finally finish the game, then sooner. If you haven’t played it yet, you have to try it out. I will let you try it free at my place . . . yeah, that’s right. The first one’s on me. Once I get you hooked, I will charge you by the hour to come over and play. And you will.

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  • uncle bob March 14, 2007, 7:15 pm

    Your clever mind tricks are not powerful enough for me to sell household items in order to afford airfare to Phoenix for your game and fine Mexican food. Hence(can I start a sentence with Hence?) I shall remain in the midwest eating Taco Bell and playing Microsoft Solitaire. XXXOOOO for Baby Smith

  • El Gammy March 18, 2007, 10:45 am

    So… you failed to mention the crack addiction that lets you play for hours and hours because that’s an old addiction, right?

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