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New Study Indicates Pimping is Easy

Researchers announced today that they have confirmed that pimping is, in fact, easy. The findings of this landmark scientific study now confirm the ease with which pimps conduct their everyday business and it has the pimping community on edge since the announcement.

“The paradigm has shifted. The conventional wisdom has been flipped on its head because we have demonstrated the growing ease of the vocation that is pimping,” said chief author Chad Sanders, a neopimpatologist and pimpiatrician at the University of Chicago.

His research was reported this week in the American Journal of Urban Employment.

The double-blind study involved 69 pimps, ages 15 to 72, who were separated into three groups and then asked to rate (on a numerical scale) the level of difficulty they experienced when they were stuck dealing with insubbordinate bitches, non-paying Johns, and other day-to-day pimp operations. The pimps’ bitches also rated the level of difficulty.

“The ease of pimping is changing the way pimps manage hos,” Sanders said. “I believe that further study of this phenomenon is in order, but pimps everywhere will need to start adopting a new tagline, that’s for sure.”

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  • Disgruntled Pimp August 18, 2006, 1:07 pm

    It’s assholes like you that reveal these secrets to the general public that are causing us to adopt a new tagline. How would you like it if all of a sudden you had an influx of competition in your career field?

    This study is causing a grip of young brothas to get into the ho exporting and importing business.

    I’ve never wanted to pimp-slap someone so hard in my life (except the time Trixy ran off with another pimp, I wanted to slap her pretty hard then too).

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