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No time on the horizon

Wow. You blink and suddenly a month has gone by since your last post (well, almost). The hit animated series “Conversations with a 2-Year-Old” will start its second season soon, aptly titled “Conversations with a 3-Year-Old” now that holySmith! The Boy is officially in his third year as a human.

I’ll also be unleashing a series of new animated features that are based on the daily ritual that Chad and I have walking down to the corner store for an Iced Tea – still thinking up a name for that series. Maybe something like “The Iced Tea Chronicles” or “How Un-Sweetened It Is” or “Baby, Do the Walk of Iced (Tea)”. We’ll get there soon enough.

Other than several more unfinished deep-thought posts, I haven’t done much to the site in the past several weeks. That is partly due to being gone for a week, and partly due to another side project I jumped into not long ago. That side project can be seen over at EyeOnTheSkye.com, which is the Official Fan Website of Guitarist and Songwriter Stev Skye. Stev is a good friend of mine who happens to play a mean guitar. He also writes, sings, produces, plays a bunch of other instruments, teaches music and the whole shabang. He recently competed in the Guitar Center King of the Blues competition, where he made it to the final round of 24 (out of several thousand). He didn’t win that particular grand prize, but just the other day, he signed a $1 Million dollar recording contract, which is pretty kick-ass if you ask me. He can play pretty much anything, but his music has deep influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix and lots of others. He’s a very talented guitarist and a total Gilmour Geek like me (which is kind of how we hit it off initially).

The other bit of news is that holySmith! The Wife is on the hunt again for employment. Her employer recently closed up the shop. She stuck around to help close things out (which will probably be done this week), but we’re trying to find her something part time or something flexible that will allow her to work from home so she can be with holySmith! The Boy more. She has been a mortgage processor for several years, but she also worked with me for a few years doing Google AdWords campaign management and some other basic Internet marketing tasks. We’d like to find something that’s closer to Tempe or even East Mesa where her parents live since that will make the daycare commute a bit easier. Either way, she’s very organized, very smart (BA in Religious Studies), and very reliable. If you know of any good opportunities, we’d be happy and thankful to hear them!

Stay tuned for more soon.

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