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Call me what you will.

I am convinced that moving is a drug for me. While I took about 2.5 years off since the last move, the urge to go has not waned much. In fact, with the current living situation, I have to say I am in need of a serious fix.

Number 21 (I think that is right) is coming up in about 8 weeks. I actually can’t wait. I am already packing my non-essential stuff as of this weekend. 21 moves in 31 years definitely constitues a sickness, but I am pretty damn good at it. It is the ultimate act in organization and efficiency. I get angry when I watch other people try to move because they are always so sloppy and they waste so much space where, with just a little manipulation, so many more things could fit. The best part is getting all your stuff in the new place, then figuring out where to put it all. I know most people think that is probably the worst part, but after that many moves, you have to look at it as fun otherwise it doesn’t get done.

And not only am I addicted to moving, I am addicted to re-arranging things (usually furniture). After about 6 months of looking at things one way, I like to shift it all around and get a new perspective. Some people call it compulsive, some call it a waste of time, some call it indecisive–I call it inspiration.

So why I am talking about this? Honestly, I have no idea other than the fact that I wish I was wherever I am going to be living next now and not later. I have come to dislike the living situation here, and part of the beauty of renting is that when the time is up, it’s time to go. And man is it time for me to go.

Here are some of my interesting moving tidbits:

  • Six different states
  • Five major metro areas
  • Each metro area wins at least one major sports championship when I move there.
  • Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon are some of the cool natural landmarks of the areas in which I’ve lived.
  • I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of living with the football Cardinals in two cities (STL and PHX). They suck ass no matter where they live.
  • 12 houses*, 1 townhouse, 4 apartments, 1 duplex**
  • My 35″ Toshiba TV has moved 11 times
  • Most of my family and friends have learned to write my new addresses in pencil
  • The whole soda, pop, coke thing is something only Midwesterners argue about

*Moved into, out of, back into, and back out of one house in CO.
**Lived in one half of the duplex, then moved into the other half after that (in MO).

I know some people live in one house for most of their lives, then move maybe once more after that. I am sure I couldn’t deal with that. I would go nuts. I don’t think it is wrong or bad either way, I just can’t fathom living in one place more than a few years.

The good part is that there is always something new for me, but the downside is that I have no concept of “home”. One thing moving a lot teaches you is that you pretty much just have to tell people you are from Earth just because you are really “from” like six major geographical areas and it gets too long to tell the whole tale.

So consider this a heads-up that I will be on the move again soon. I will probably delve into the psychological elements of moving in the future, but for now, I need to catch up on my sleep. . .

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