Oh Baby!

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Baby's First Picture - The Ultrasound

Here is the official first picture of our baby. The scheduled due date is November 14. That’s one day before the scheduled due date for my brother and his wife’s baby (no, we didn’t plan it to happen like that at all).

Now, as far as the ultrasound picture, we all think it looks like Kenny, from South Park. Yes, Kenny is living in my wife’s uterus. How cool. If you don’t believe me, look at the photos.

Kenny lives. . .inside my wife's uterus.

One Comment on “Oh Baby!”

  1. Dude, two words:

    1. Freaken’

    2. Hilarious

    You’re the only guy I know besides me with the balls and sense of humor to actually take the time to do something like this. If we were keeping track of “cool points,” this would put you ahead for sure.

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