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OMFG, this is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

In an ongoing effort not to let down our reader (Uncle Bob), holySmith! has yet again forced himself to rise to the top of the news reporting pyramid.

During the course of poking around trying to find out about certain television shows for the new holySmith! TV page, we came across this: the One Million Crazy Fascist Bitches website (OK, it is called One Million Moms, but I don’t want to give them an inbound link with their name in it since that helps them rank higher in the search engines).

In fact, let’s give the crazy Nazi bitches a few links. After all, they are really ruining children, at least one million of them, but probably more like two million. They really are the Censorship poster child.

Let it be known that holySmith! really believed that the Nazi’s were long gone. Can you believe that there are a group of females out there who want nothing more than to write complaints about nearly every show and about half the commercials on television because of “offensive” content? This is seriously the most rigoddamndiculous thing I have seen in a long time. This is the kind of thing that presses every one of my buttons.

It isn’t the “offensive” content that is to blame for our kids being screwed up more so today than ever. . .it is their crazy ass moms. Apparently there are more than a million of them, so this is a big deal. They want to ban gum commericals, television shows of all kinds, and much more. These people are the cancer that is censorship and it is honestly sickening to me that such an organization exists.

What really kills me is that these women made it to motherhood in the first place. With this kind of attitude, I can’t believe they all managed to get men to perform the “lewd and disgusting acts” necessary to get them pregnant. I can’t help but wonder what kind of letters the men received following the act of procreation.

How is it healthly to wage war on almost all forms of media in order to “protect” the kids? What good does it do? Don’t they know that the harder they try to keep their kids sheltered from things, the more likely the kids are to be drawn to it? Isn’t it abundantly clear that all the “bad kids” in school are the products of the parents who try to suppress everything in their lives?

This is a topic that I have thought about for a long time, and one that weighs on me more and more since holySmith! The Baby came along. This kind of censorship truly crosses a line. If you are doing your job as a parent, your kids should not be awake late enough to watch the more graphic shows listed on that site, particulary those on cable networks like USA, FX, Comedy Central, and others. If those shows are on, what the hell are your kids doing up? If they are watching these shows via DVR/PVR/Tivo, then you have the ability to control their access to the shows/channels that appear.

I hate people who blame everyone else for their troubles. I happen to enjoy offensive material on television, the Internet, and other media. Even if I don’t like it, I like the fact that I have the choice to watch it if I want, or to CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL if I don’t. I like knowing that there are people who might like it and I like knowing that those people can watch whatever they want.

Dammit I am pissed.

And I can’t believe that any advertisers would bow to these people and pull ads. It’s not like they are losing money to these people. Clearly if these women have so much time on their hands to go out and hunt down “offensive” material and then protest it, they aren’t out spending money on anything but paper, envelopes, and stamps.

I totally want to fight all one million of them in the parking lot today. I should have used more profanity in this post. Maybe they will come after me. Hopefully their webmaster sees my inbound links and they put me on their list!

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  • uncle bob May 4, 2007, 8:59 pm

    Way to go kid! I knew you had it in ya! This is why you have millions tuning in and hanging on your every word. Rush Limbaugh can only wish for the numbers that gravitate to Holy Smith each day, not to mention the intelligence of your audience compared to his sheep. Can these millions who find TV and movies objectionable be the same bimbos who are contirbuting to record profits by the porn industry? We were told our last presidential election was a vote for morals and yet the sleaze industries make more money than the evangelists. I once worked with a woman who complained that she couldn’t let her kids watch the evening news because they gave intimate details of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica. This same woman exclaimed moments later that something “really sucked”. I asked if she used that term in front of her children. Without hesitation she said yes. I proceeded to tell her that using a slang term for oral sex in front of her children put her on a level with the dreaded evening news people. It seems more Americans belong to the church of the hypocrite than any other organization and I think that is the root of many of our problems.Keep up the good work!

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