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David Gilmour is going on a mini-world tour. He has a new album coming out in March, which already sounds pretty cool. The song I heard is kind of mellow and bluesy, but distinctive. It is called “Island Jam”, and the album is “On an Island”.

The crappy part is that the tickets for every show sold out in like two seconds. The closest he will be to me is southern Cal, but not sure I can swing it. I am going to try, though. I will probably start the eBay search soon to see if I can’t get in. Chances are, if Gilmour tours, he will be playing at least a few Floyd songs as he usually does. This time seems particularly exciting because he likes to mix in what he plays with the best of the best classics, like Comfortably Numb.

However expensive, a Gilmour show is worth it.

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