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Canyon Lake Fishing

holySmith! The Boy and I have been doing a fair amount of fishing since getting the boat. Lately, we’ve been trying our luck at Canyon Lake. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to pull any fish out of there (yet), but we’re still learning the lake and how to fish it.

Part of the reason we haven’t caught any fish yet is because Canyon Lake offers a number of interesting distractions which tend to take you away from actual fishing.

Since our little boat can run in just a few inches of water, we can get back where the larger boats can’t. So we took off underneath the one-lane bridge which leads back into a small cove. The cove tapers off between two high canyon walls into a small stream that winds around about a quarter of a mile until you just run out of water. We jumped out of the boat to explore a bit, but it was windy and cold that day, so we didn’t stay long. (FULL DISCLOSURE: It was really a pee break).

Here’s a picture of Zach before we shoved off again:


Once we were back in there a bit, a bright red spot caught my eye. It was a cardinal. Zach grabbed his Bloggie camera and I grabbed my camera. Of course, as soon as we did, the cardinal took off across to the other side of the creek. He was directly between us and the sun, so the pictures were totally washed out. That and I didn’t check my camera settings, which were all jacked up, and I just started shooting.

What I caught was a bunch of over-exposed shots, but I kind of salvaged one of the cardinal shots, right as he was taking off again. Had the camera settings been better, this might have been a pretty sweet picture. Either way, he had his wings spread and the sun was directly behind him–so that was kind of cool I thought.

I was a little miffed that he didn’t hang around though. After all, I was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat AND my 2011 World Series Championship red jacket, so clearly I was not a threat to him!

PS – I could have lied and said we caught a boat full of bass up there, you know. I’ll post pictures when I do.


Arizona Bark Scorpion Fatso

This is the world famous Arizona Bark Scorpion. This particular specimen was flushed out of his hiding spot when I was hosing off the patio the other day.

[Arizona Bark Scorpion who lived on my patio until recently.]

Scorpions are common here in AZ and in/around my house. When you encounter enough of them, they become less and less scary. But this one was different. This particular one is by far the fattest scorpion I’ve ever seen. Mostly they are smaller and flatter, but this guy must have been feasting on the local cockroaches or black widow spiders that live in our neighborhood. Or maybe he ate my neighbors since I haven’t seen them in a while, who really knows.

Generally, the larger they are, the less dangerous they are when they sting you with some of their potentially deadly venom. Unfortunately, they only need about a 1/16″ crack in your wall before they invite themselves into your house, so only the most dangerous ones tend to be inside.

I’m pretty sure this fatty couldn’t have fit through that small of an opening and I think he was just waiting for me to open the patio doors so he could come in and have a beer or whatever.

Given that these little bastards can cause some serious damage to people, especially kids, I make sure to eliminate the threat. Permanently. With linesman pliers. I also use vinegar (they hate that) and I have an LED blacklight flashlight for night inspections, just in case, say, holySmith The Parents are visiting from out of town and one or both of them needs to go out on the patio to have a smoke.


holySmith The Boat

holySmith has a boat.

The Boy on The Boat.

It’s a Sea Eagle Sport Runabount 12′ 6″ rigid keel inflatable boat, to be more exact. It also has an electric trolling motor with 45lbs of thrust. We also have a small Humminbird fish finder, which is pretty handy.

holySmith The Boy and I took it out for the first run on Tempe Town Lake over Memorial Day weekend. Here are the highlights of the inaugural excursion:

  • The boat had a pinhole leak that almost caused me to abort the trip right after we put it in the water (luckily I was able to patch it).
  • We had to cut the rope to the anchor when it got stuck on something*
  • The transom-mounted wheels need some adjustments
  • It was windy
  • The motor/battery performed well
  • The fish finder works well
  • I caught a rather large fish, but it got off the hook just shy of landing it in the boat
  • The Boy officially landed the first fish on the boat (Largemouth)

*That’s hard to do in Town Lake since there is almost NOTHING in that lake in terms of structure.

The Boy lands the first fish on The Boat (a largemouth bass).

The first mission was a bit rough at the beginning, but once we were underway, we had a good time. The Boy got to drive the boat a bit and he also was in charge of keeping an eye on the fish finder. Being this was a test run, we have a list of bugs to iron out for the next attempt. Further boating adventures will be posted here.

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holySmith! The Update

2011 has been a year of change for holySmith! and you’d never know it by looking at this website because I haven’t updated it much.

holySmith! has been busy.

This is a classic case of the carpenter’s house never being finished. I spend most of my waking hours working on websites for one client or another and when I get home, there are two fine young holySmith! kids waiting to consume my attention, plus the finest wife in the history of wives — holySmith! The Wife.

So with all that, the time to blog/eBitch about things has kind of fallen off the table. But I am determined to keep holySmith! The Website alive and well because I’ve noticed that my competition has pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth now that we have stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. Many of the people who thought they could handle running and writing a website or blog have since come to terms with their inability to do it full time and instead, they tweet or post crap on walls (literally or on Facebook).

And that leaves holySmith! to pick up where others fell off. There are too many years of worthless content on here to walk away now, so this train’s gonna keep on rollin’ all night long.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to post. I have at least 8-10 posts that I’ve written to various degrees of completion, however, after writing them, I felt like they were all pointless and decided to stop. That usually means that they were too serious, too political, or I just ran out of enthusiasm for them and said, ‘screw it’. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make fun of Chad or something. That’s always good for some fun and best of all, Chad likes it because he gets to be Internet Famous for a while.

Stay tuned, if there are any of you still paying attention at all.

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There is another

If you want to learn the big news, watch this. I would have embedded it, but it doesn’t fit properly on the page.