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Penny’s Ice Cream – Chandler, AZ

I haven’t done a good “Eat Here!” post in a while, and I have been meaning to for a while. This place is down in Chandler on Ray/Dobson right by the Fry’s there on the northeast corner and it’s called Penny’s Ice Cream.

Yes, it is an ice cream place, as the name implies, but they do a lot of good stuff in addition to the ice cream, like sandwiches, wraps, bakery stuff, etc. Eddy, the owner, is quite the breakfast croissant maker if holySmith! does say so himself.

And holySmith! does says so, for the record.

It’s a small place, but they crank out some awesome stuff. I recommend the breakfast croissants including the bacon/cheese, ham/cheese, or the croissants stuffed with strawberry/cream. They kick ass.

Eddy takes care of us when we go with our friends and holySmith! The Boy is a regular there now, too. If you need a good breakfast place on a weekend or you just need a cup of coffee or tea, try Penny’s Ice Cream parlor.

And you can tell him holySmith! sent you (but they probably won’t know who that is and they will look at you funny and ask you who the hell holySmith! is because I don’t think we’ve ever told him that I have a blog).

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