Recent Political Television Ads Lead to Mass Suicide

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The efforts of Jon Kyl are now rivaling used car dealerships for worst television commercials in the history of the world. The ads that are running are so ignorant and pointless that as soon as I am done posting this blog, I will immediately fling myself out of my second-floor window and hopefully impale myself on a tree branch on the way down. That is how ridiculous political ads are. I have yet to hear one that deals with a political issue. Instead, they deal with the opposing candidate’s image. And they wonder why people don’t vote anymore.

Justin Rygiel from ABC Nissan is a total douchebag, but he has been recently stripped of his crown for being the king of all douchebags on late night TV commercials. Jon Kyl and Jim Pederson’s commercials are like listening to two 6-year-olds fighting in the backseat of a car for 10 hours.

“He touched me!”

“He stole my Polly Pockets!”

“He called me names!”

“He spent his own money to tell people I am George Bush’s lackey!”

“He is rich and Democrat, so he must be evil!”

“He touched me….Again!”

And in the 10 minutes I am sitting here writing this, another commercial with Justin Rygiel, king of all dipsticks, on my television again! When will it stop? I just want to watch South Park in peace.

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