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Religion – The best show on Earth

Well it looks like Jesus is doing a lot more than just helping T.O. score more touchdowns this year:

Crucifixes allegedly made in Chinese sweatshops

Thanks again for another gem, CNN.com! This is why organized religion is a spectator sport for me. You just can’t get better entertainment on cable or satellite these days. With all due respect to the great Roger Waters, money is NOT the root of all evil today, big religion is.

And it’s not because they produce their Jesus toys in sweatshops. It is just damn funny when they get caught doing it.

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  • El Gammy November 21, 2007, 10:20 am

    After I stopped laughing, I started thinking about how making crucifixes in a sweatshop makes sense.

    Think about it: aren’t crucifixes supposed to remind us of the great sacrifice jesus made for the world? Then what better way to commemorate his ultimate selfless act by making some sacrifices of your own? 15-hour workdays without proper food and in horrible working conditions is really only a good start compared to being nailed to a cross to die for humanity’s sins.

    Maybe this is just another one of the many lessons the Catholic church inflicts on helpless, innocent children across the world, right alongside with “never tell the public about the special ‘hide-and-seek’ games the priest plays with all the choir boys.”

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