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Run Home

OK, I admit I had to flip channels between the Cards/Astros, Rams/Colts, and Coyotes/Flames games. I couldn’t watch the Cardiac Cardinals because they were giving me a heart attack. When I turned them on, they let a run score, booted a ground ball, or something bad. So I watched the Coyotes finally win a game. The Rams started off strong, but ultimately crapped out.

I flipped over to the baseball game with two outs in the 9th and Albert coming up, and I just couldn’t bear to curse them, so I flipped it. It was hard, but I waited as long as I could, then took a deep breath, and flipped it back over. . .

Right after he hit it out. But that’s OK. He did it.

I will take some credit as I wrote my previous blog about 10 minutes before he hit it out. Way to go Albert. They still need to bring the O out in full force, but at least they can do it at home now. Thanks for the ride and the heart condition Cardinals!

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