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Sadie the Ferret – and then there were none

So as of about 2:45 this morning, holySmith! and family are no longer a pet owners.

Sadie, the last of the holySmith! Ferrets, died very, very early this morning. After fighting her insulinoma for the past several months, she went into a “screaming seizure” around 1:45 this morning. If you’ve never heard a ferret scream, it is very similar to what the typical smoke alarm sounds like (almost literally). We were afraid our neighbors would call the cops on us since she did it off-and-on for like 45 minutes.

I sat with her and tried to help keep her calm and administer some corn syrup (which is what you use to get the blood sugar back up and pull them out of the seizure), but it never quite took. Long story short, she basically looked up at me, took one final gasp, then just kind of froze.

When that happened, I wasn’t sure if she had slipped into a coma (typical for a ferret after a bad seizure) or if she was indeed, dead. holySmith! The Wife asked something to the effect of “what do we do, put a mirror under her nose?”.

After a few minutes, I was pretty sure she was gone. Sadie was the mastermind/ringleader of our ferrets and by far the most coy and adventurous of the three. It wasn’t her nature to just lay around and let the world turn, so I was pretty convinced that she was ready to call it a life. I don’t know – maybe she heard us talk about taking her to the vet to get euthanized and that’s what motivated her to go the way she did.

To a large extent, her passing brings some relief in the sense that it has been more than three straight years of dealing with one or more terminally ill ferrets. But it sucks because we are sans pets, which leaves a bit of a gap in the family dynamic for the time being.

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