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Speedometers dare you to break the law

Of the many crazy things that go through my head, every so often, a legitimate thought comes across that causes me to pause and ponder. Allow holySmith! to ponder aloud:

In the US, we have speed limits on all our streets. The highest speed limits are generally in the 65-75mph range.

But almost every car available has the capability to exceed the posted speed limits. So, if car manufacturers give us the ability to break the speed limit, and thus to break the law, then are they not aiding and abetting if we do it? After all, if cars could only go as fast as the posted speed limit, then we wouldn’t be tempted to speed, right? All the power and performance of any car would simply be to attain the maximum speed limit as fast as possible, but never to exceed said limit. In other fields, I believe that is referred to as “blue balls”.

It would seem to me that all the fantastic cars that I love (like Corvettes) would be a waste by design since such cars are designed for speed and the ability to perform at high speeds.

Of course, I would never want any car to be governed by any technology that would prohibit me from exceeding any posted speed limits because that’s just not cool. Nor American. But if you think about all the time and effort that car manufacturers, car guys, and weekend mechanics spend enhancing their cars, it seems that the inherent risks and potential punishments associated with such activity make it kind of silly to say the least.

I don’t know. This is just the kind of crap I think about when I am driving in my slow-ass hybrid that punishes me with dismal gas mileage reporting any time I get a lead foot. With a hybrid, you recondition yourself to drive for MPG, not MPH. Sometimes, I start to think I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Don’t worry though, I still want a Corvette.

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