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Sports coverage is retarded

For a long time, I stopped watching ESPN on a regular basis. I had been watching it regularly for years and I was completely roped into the machine. Then I noticed that ESPN had turned into the channel that only cared about the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, and themselves.

Now ESPN is completely retarded. I can only handle small doses of ESPN, pretty much Baseball Tonight is about the extent of what I can stomach. SportsCenter, once my primary addiction, is now in the same league as Access Hollywood as far as I am concerned. They report the drama around sports, not the sports themselves. Obviously there is a market for it, but I think it is crap that has done nothing but bring sports down because it no longer is about the sport, it is about the drama surrounding the sport.

It’s not about the competition, it’s about the performance enhancing drugs. The rivalry lines drawn between fans are not about rival teams, they are about rival opinions on who takes what substance and how that affects the game.

We are fed crap like “who’s more now” brackets between different sports figures. These aren’t even all accomplished athletes, it’s more about who is more tabloid fodder. Even if the concept were to debate if Jordan was better than Kobe Bryant or Tiger vs Jack or whatever, the argument is better saved for the bar over lots of beer.

Show me sports. Show me stats, highlights, news, and the events themselves. If I want drama, I watch TNT or a DVD. I want sports because I love the drama provided by sports — the games themselves — not the players and what they do off the field. When ESPN does show the sports news, they run through it really quick so they can hurry up and get back to all the garbage interviews, like the one with Pacman Jones. I really don’t want to hear about Pacman Jones unless he is making a tackle on a football field. Otherwise, keep him off my TV. Same with Vick, Tank, and Barry Bonds.

ESPN has even tried to coax drama out of the Pro Bowlers Tour and that’s just sad.

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  • The Stork August 13, 2007, 9:41 am

    I gave up on ESPN completely about a month or so ago when I saw a Rock, Paper, Scissors TOURNAMENT on ESPN2. Now if it had been relegated to the Ocho, maybe it could have sneaked by. But seriously? Rock Paper Scissors?

  • MrSmith August 14, 2007, 10:29 pm

    Rock, Paper, Scissors is a classic American game that is the only true way to settle most of life’s disputes, however, I must agree that RPS tournaments are a stretch, even for ESPN.

    While I am a longtime fan of both fishing and bowling coverage, I have to admit that certain “sports”, like little league, college softball, WNBA, and professional darts are just not much of a thrill on television.

    I also can’t watch poker on TV. Or NASCAR. But apparently those are popular, so what do I know. That’s why I keep old DVD copies of Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii handy, just in case.

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