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It doesn’t get any better than FREE. PicksPal is a free online sports pick game where you get 1000 points every week to put down on the games/props of your choice, just like in Vegas. The fun part is winning tons of points when you pick the right games, then you get to talk shit about how cool you are (when you win) with your friends/family.

It is basically an electronic way to talk smack with people while keeping track of your picks on games. The thing I am starting to like is that it is getting me back into sports again to the point where I pay more attention to the games and the names like I used to when I had lots of time to devote to such things. Those were the days. . .when I knew every player on every team and all that useless garbage. Amazing how names like Fennis Dembo, Buddy Biancalana, Dane Iorg, Rusty Staub, Dan Daoust, and Leroy Selmon stick in your head (if you were a sports fan, you’d know those names).

Anyway, click on the banner and sign up for PicksPal. It’s free.

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