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St. Louis Cardinals Hats

St. Louis Cardinals logoAs most of you know, I am a Cardinals fan. One of the many ways I express my love for the St. Louis Cardinals is by sporting one of my many Cardinals hats. Right now, I have five hats in the active rotation. I have several more stored away in various boxes, but these five are the ones I still wear. Over the past few years, I have become particulary fond of the Franchise fitted hats. I have at least three of those. I have some New Era official hats, too, but I don’t wear those as much anymore. The Franchise caps seem to fit better, so I stick with those. I am contemplating a new one for this year, and since I will be paying a visit to St. Louis this summer, I figure I will hold out and buy one there. There’s just something about buying a Cardinals hat when I go home to St. Louis. I think the home red caps are just a bit brighter there than they are out here. An that is why I only purchase the blue away caps here in AZ. That’s the one I got last year, the year I didn’t get to go back to St. Louis.

Why I am writing about these Cardinals baseball hats? Well, being and SEO person, I wanted to see the Google AdSense ads that pull (up above) relative to the content I put on the blog. I’ve targeted St. Louis Cardinals baseball hats and hope to see some ads for Cardinals or Cardinals hats of some sort (at least while this post is closer to the top of the page, anyway)….all just part of the experiment.

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