Stop living in the past IE6 users

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I have built and optimized websites for several years now and I can tell you firsthand that the longer people keep old crappy browsers around, the harder it is for webmasters to make better websites, the harder it is for websites to be more secure, and the harder it is to make sites look the same way for all who view them.

The fact is that Internet Explorer 6 is old technology. Internet Explorer 7 is just about to be old technology because Internet Explorer 8 is in beta right now, which means it will be released soon.

The time has come to update that old crapfest of a browser you are using!

Also, for all of you loyal holySmith! readers who who do not happen to live and work on the Internet all day, there are lots of other great browsers that you can use as well. Internet Explorer is not the only gig in town. Let’s see, there’s Firefox (if you love to add tons of plugins that make browsing more fun), Google Chrome (if you like clean, simple, and efficient/fast, then try Chrome), Safari (if you want to see what all the Mac groupies have been talking about), Opera (which is really best for mobile phone browsers, but it has some fun crap, too). . .Those are the main ones, anyway.

The bottom line is that it is time to upgrade. People who keep IE6 in use are essentially driving up the cost of website development and causing unnecessary stress because after you finish the painstaking process of getting a site to look right in the main (updated) browsers, you get an email from some dipstick complaining that he can’t log in to your site because he is using IE6. It’s kind of like getting pissed off at your favorite music group for not putting out their latest release on 8-Track or raising holy hell at the Blockbuster because they don’t have Madagascar II for rental on BetaMax.

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  1. I know you can’t see me, but I swear on the eyes of my daughter that I’m delivering a slow clap right…. now….

    Okay I’m done. Slow-clapping and typing at the same time proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. Luckily my superior coordination, finger agility and attention-to-detail carried me throughout the trying ordeal.

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