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The Aluminum Falcon rises again

Sweet. Robot Chicken is doing another Star Wars episode. Finally, something to look forward to.

In other news, holySmith! has commenced with the “Star Wars Project” on the home front. Phase one was a few months back when I gave holySmith! The Boy his first taste of the Star Wars films. His initial reactions/comments were (and I quote):

“Is that a Dyson?” in reference to the first time he saw R2-D2 go rolling across the screen.

And the classic exchange we had when Chewbacca roared for the first time in the original Star Wars. . . “Is that a lion?” he asked.

“No. . .he’s not a lion. He’s Chewbacca. He’s a Wookie,” I said.

“Not a lion!” he said authoritatively.


Ever since then, the “Chewbacca” DVDs have made it into his regular rotation with Dora, Diego, Barney, Elmo, and his Mighty Machines videos. So he’s on the right track.

From there, I decided to go a step further and slowly start to introduce him to “the collection” starting with one of the Darth Tater toys (that’s the Mr. Potato Head version of Darth Vader, btw). He totally digs Darth Tater, but he needs to develop his skills a bit more when it comes to handling the toy as not to lose the various pieces or degrade its mint/near-mint condition.

I suppose he’s only two, but I feel like it’s never too early to get him acquainted with the “resale value” concept. I mean, we have man-to-man talks all the time about kicking the back of the seat when we’re in the car because he scuffs up the seat and that’s bad for resale value. And we can’t have that.

Same lessons apply with holySmith!’s Star Wars toys. holySmith! didn’t pack those damned things up 22 times and lug them from one end of the country to the other over the course of more than 30 years so that holySmith! The Boy could come along and junk them all up. I mean, they clearly aren’t worth enough to put him through college, but if he can hang on to them and keep them decent for another generation, then maybe he can turn them into some profit eventually. Or maybe they will just be fun toys for him as they were (are) for me.

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