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The dimming of the day

“This old house is falling down around my ears.”

This time last year it was a near-heart attack as the Cardinals nearly collapsed, but still found themselves in the playoffs, which they went through with much drama, ultimately walking away world champs. The Bears’ season was off to a good start and on their way to a crazy Monday night game agains the AZ Football Cardinals. Work was at a high-point and holySmith! The Baby was just weeks from his debut.

Not so much fun this year. Now, the Cardinals’ season couldn’t end fast enough. They managed to pick things up at the end, but there was an ugly streak there in September that ultimately saw us drop like 11 games in a row and lose the few remaining starters we had in the lineup.

Now, the Bears can’t win a game. We all knew this was coming. How long could we go without an offense, really? All last year was like watching a trainwreck…it was only a matter of time before Rex gave it back to the other team. I know how to fix Rex Grossman. . . make him wear the opposing team’s uniform and watch the number of passes that make it into Bears’ hands all night. Greise was just a band-aid on a bullet wound. I don’t like watching trainwrecks, but they are my boys and I still refuse to be a football Cardinals fan after all those years I put up with as a child in St. Louis.

I guess the only good thing about the baseball playoffs for me is that if the Colorado Rockies can win their one-game playoff with SD and get in, then there will be three of the cities in which I have lived represented in the playoffs at one time (Chicago, Phoenix, Denver).

That and fifty cents will buy me a phone call to someone who gives a crap, but hey, it’s my blog and I am the one pushing the keys around here.

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