The Empire Farts Back

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This post is dedicated to my old friend Dan. It contains two of his favorite things and I can hear him laughing his ass off right now. . .and the part with Boba Fett, Lando and Vader almost made me blow and o-ring I was laughing so hard. Oh, this is probably NSFW (that’s Not Safe for Work, Dad, so watch this at home).

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  1. I just watched the video. Thanks for the dedication and as you predicted, I found it quite funny. Ok, that’s an understatement. I laughed so hard, I gave a new meaning to “laughing my ass off”. I laughed so hard I literelly farted, which made me laugh even harder. I had to watch it a few more times because I couldn’t see the first time. The timing was perfect too. Today was a very trying day and that was the perfect ending that made everything better. Thanks dude.

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