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The frozen tundra of hell

Hell froze over this week. We have a new president that most people actually seem to like (that’s a huge change). As much as I hate to even point this out because it doesn’t matter to me personally, but he’s also the first black man to run the show. That’s pretty significant historically.

[Side note: Obama must REALLY be sick of waving at people. That’s all he’s done since he was sworn in!]

Then, you have the football Cardinals. They are going to the Super Bowl. The football Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl.

Now that’s a sentence I never thought I would ever write or speak. It still doesn’t seem real, but it is not at all surprising given how weird of an NFL season this was.

The very fact that I refer to them as the “football Cardinals” indicates that I lived in St. Louis when they did. They were, in fact, my first football team when I was just a wee-holySmith! back in the 1970s and early-80s when I lived there. I still hold a pretty heavy grudge against the ownership of the team for taking them out of St. Louis in my formative years, thus driving me to the welcoming arms of the 1984-1985 Chicago Bears (the year we moved to Chicago). The grudge is big enough that to this day I still refuse to contribute money to the Bidwill family by paying for tickets to a game.

In my 10-plus years here in Phoenix, I had had free tickets to one pre-season Cardinal football game a few years back at Sun Devil Stadium, and one other set of free tickets this season at the new stadium. Prior to that, the last time I went to a Cardinal football game was in 1979 at Busch Stadium versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, ironically. Those tickets belonged to my uncle, who was a season ticket holder back in those days.

They had their chance for my loyalty and they blew it. As far as the Super Bowl goes, I can’t say I would be surprised to see them win it, but until they do, they’re still the Cardinals, or as I like to refer to them: The Cubs of football.

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