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The last time this happened, it was the Giants and I broke my nose

What’s “this” you might be wondering?

It was on almost 21 years ago to the day that the Chicago Bears played the New York Giants at Soldier Field for the NFC Championship (if memory serves). The reason I remember it is because my parents went to the Bears game that day. It was cold and we had a ton of snow on the ground, which for the kids in my neighborhood meant one thing. . .snow football.

So during halftime of the Bears game, all the guys in the neighborhood got our snowsuits on and went outside to play football. Tackling is much more fun when you have a foot of snow to fall in. In the midst of play, I tried to dive and tackle my neighbor Denny. He was a few years older than us and was much bigger/faster. As I dove and got my arms around his lower legs, his boot came up and accidentally popped me right in the nose. It was so cold out that it didn’t really hurt that bad, so we kept playing. Actually, a single drop of blood dripped out of my nose, THEN we resumed play.

Fast forward to dinner later that night (after the Bears won a trip to the Super Bowl). I sat directly across from my dad. He looked at me funny, then did a double take. He told me to look him straight in the eyes. Then he looked at my mom, then back at me and said, “your nose is broken”.

I almost shit myself because I knew that it had started to hurt a little after I got inside and warmed up, but this whole business of it being broken was a shock to me. I didn’t know what to say, so I lied and said it was fine. Then my mom kind of got worried and asked if we should go to the hospital, which I think we did shortly thereafter.

So today, I sat with my son as we watched the Bears beat the crap out of the Saints en route to the Super Bowl in Miami. Faithful holySmith! readers will be glad to know that I did not break my nose this time. The boy and I actually napped through halftime.

Another great thing happened today, and that was the Patriots lost. THANK GOD. Let’s hope that the sports media finally finds its way out of Tom Brady’s ass. I am sure ESPN will fill the next two weeks with montages of the Patriot dynasty as they mourn its passing up in New England. Hopefully their bandwagon is in the ditch for good this time.

I can also imagine that now everyone will be all over Peyton Manning’s ass since nobody will favor the Bears to win (as usual). That’s fine. We’ve found a way to sneak by all year, and the Super Bowl doesn’t have to be any different. It’s enough of a victory to have the Bears there and NOT THE PATRIOTS.

DA . . . B E A R S!!!

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  • Matt January 22, 2007, 9:38 am

    This morning on the way to work I was listening to “the edge” and they had Manning being interviewed and they replaced his responses with commercials for sprint that he did.

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