2 Comments on “The only reason to go to Wal Mart”

  1. Hey, I forgot to mention that I worked at Wal-Mart “back in the day”. If you walk up to any phone (look for the support poles in the store with a blue stripe at the top, it has a phone on it) and pick it up and push #96, you get the intercom. Flipping awesome! Once you’re live, you can say cool things like “Attention K-Mart shoppers, you’re in the wrong fucking store!”

  2. That’s good knowledge to have if I ever go to another Wal-Mart again. I try to stay away. I, too, once worked for “the company”, but it was at Sam’s Club. We mostly carried walkie-talkies, but once the warehouse got the intercom system, we had lots of fun. One night I brought in my laptop and got on the intercom from the GM’s office and played random R2-D2 and Darth Vader wav files. There is nothing more impressive than Darth Vader’s breathing being broadcast over a 100,000 square feet of cavernous warehouse space.

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