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The Original Hoagie Shop – Tempe AZ

The Original Hoagie Shop on the southeast corner of Priest and University and Tempe is our hoagie shop of choice. The Italian and the Clubhouse are my personal favorites, but they have great cheese steaks, chicken fajita subs, and more. They have pasta, soups, and the usual sandwich place fare. The guy who runs the place is always cool and they have a card that you can get stamped to get free subs after so many.

It is kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but those places always have the charm and great food that makes them so much better then Subway and Quiznos and the big chain joints that serve stale bread and scarry lettuce. You know what I mean.

On a scale of one to would I go back, of course, I give it a resounding I would go back. I mean, we go there like three times a week anyway, and you should, too.

Tempe has a lot of great little deli shops with great stuff for lunches and what not. Hopefully I will get most of them in here.

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