There is another

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If you want to learn the big news, watch this. I would have embedded it, but it doesn’t fit properly on the page.

2 Comments on “There is another”

  1. Congrats Big Time Jimmy Jon!!! I can only hope I’ll be whipping out the blue lightsabers in a couple of weeks as well.

    You spelled “we’re” wrong in the last sentence of the crawl though… Not exactly off to a great start, but I’ll let it pass considering the creative announcement delivery.

  2. Thank you. And the “we’re” issue is not due to a lack of putting the apostrophe in there. I fixed it twice, but for some reason, it doesn’t show up. I went back and changed it to “we are”, but then some other shit hit the fan and I forgot to replace the link with the new one. I blame Lucas.

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