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There’s no D in D’Antoni

He should change his name to just “Antoni”, as that is the more accurate name.

I am writing this on Tuesday night at 9:26 p.m. during a commercial and whether they wind up winning or losing this game, the Suns are as painful to watch as anything I can think of at the moment.

Steve Nash can’t do anything but make crappy decisions, turn the ball over, and not play defense. The Suns pretty much don’t play defense, which in my opinion, will cause them to never win a championship.

All the best NBA teams, including the Spurs, have had the ability to play lock-down defense when it matters most. The Suns not only do not play good defense, but in crisis times, they throw up stupid 3-pointers and they have no second-chances because nobody is following shots or grabbing offensive rebounds.

Ahhhhh! I want to punch my television!


I realized that I must really be a Suns fan now as they are the only NBA team that gets me pissed off when they lose. They missed like 200 free throws tonight and Nash turned the ball over 67 times in the last five minutes.

And now their season is over and I am officially a fan of the New Orleans Hornets, who, by the way, should really take their name back from Utah because we all know there’s way more Jazz in New Orleans than there is in Utah – that and before they moved to Utah, the Jazz were in New Orleans.

For the record, the Suns have been painful to watch all season because of the dramatic swings they would go through in almost every game. They would run up a huge lead, then basically give it back, then come back again and win (most of the time). They are a purely offensive team which means that as soon as the 3-pointers stop falling, the lead starts to diminish because they can’t make defensive stops. It’s why the leads get so big and also why they dwindle.

OMFG they piss me off! I’m done. Go Hornets.

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