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They should make a Heineken commercial about us, Jeley

Webster has a term for this: obsequious.

But Jeley threw down the gauntlet. So we, the bloggers in Jeley’s blogroll, feel we must take things to the next level by doing more than just making comments on Jeley’s blog, rather, we must use the power of our own blogs to make the statement.

With that, please welcome the most recent addition to the holyOtherSites! section: [B]utterfly [S]uicide. Being the perv that your holyNess! is, it’s a good fit, indeed.

So with this, holySmith! has done his good deed of the day. To the Dude(s) over at [B] [S], holySmith! is expecting some link love in return so that we can keep this “beautiful circle jerk of lunacy
and perversion” alive and kicking.

Blogroller Powers, ACTIVATE!
Form of: circle jerk
Shape of: El Gammy! (consider the torch passed).

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  • Jeley May 30, 2008, 8:16 am

    Since this has turned into a 1960’s communal love fest I think it is important to divvy up the chores.
    holySmith!, you will responsible for growing all fruits, veggies, and canabis.
    El Gammy, you will be responsible for fishing and bead making.
    JaceOne and Tuefel, tie-dyed shirts and Grateful Dead Bootlegs
    German Women’s Soccer Team, LSD induced nude frollicking and bi-sexual shut-in.

  • JaceOne June 9, 2008, 12:49 pm

    Thanks for the love holySmith! We’ll throw some linkage in our Friends, Enemies, Lovers section. You can also decide which one you are. Oh and Jeley, I formally request that I switch teams to the German Women’s Soccer team for the nude frollicking. Tuefel can make the damn tie-dyed shirts.

  • holySmith! June 9, 2008, 1:03 pm

    Ah yes, holySmith! ranks above Chicken effed Bacon in the Friends, Enemies, Lovers section on [B][S]. Now if El Gammy would just get his arm out of the sling and finally post some shit on his blog, this little outcry for community support might actually work as intended.

    Jesus El Gammy. If there’s one thing the white folks like, it’s when people listen to them when they talk (blog).

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