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Another one of my shameless plugs. . .is for Tradesight.com.

Yes, Tradesight is a client of mine and we just gave the site a complete makeover. The man behind Tradesight has actually been a friend of mine for several years now and in sticking to my rule of not plugging anything on HolySmith! without first firmly believing in the product to the point that I would have other friends or family spend money on it, I must say that Tradesight is a good investment.

Chris personally teaches you how to trade stocks or the currency markets with his experience and skills, not to mention all the cool toys that he has on his site. The bottom line is, if you are into trading, this invenstment will ensure that you trade more successfully. It is worth the price of the subscriptions, indeed. And if you don’t like what you get from Chris, well, I know where he lives!

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