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Unmarked Police Vehicle

As I continue my award-winning reporting on the state of bumper stickers in our world, I humbly submit: UNMARKED POLICE VEHICLE as my latest.


holySmith! The Wife and I encountered this on the way home from bowling Wednesday night. We both laughed at it when we saw it on the back of some kid’s Scion or whatever little car it was, thus the joke. This is a perfect example of what a great bumper sticker is and what one should be. It doesn’t pick sides or try to be too daring. It just makes a subtle, yet hilarious joke that brings quick pleasure to those who get to drive behind the car sporting it.

I would have to rank it up there with such greats as “What if the whole world farted at once?” and “What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?”. I want to be entertained by your bumper stickers, not preached to, insulted, or provoked politically. I still get a kick out of people who are still showing John Kerry presidential stickers and stuff like that. holySmith! is pondering the need for legislation on bumper sticker content. Perhaps holySmith! can be the new Bumper Sticker Czar?

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