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Video Game Pianist

Video Game Pianist

This kid is great. I read an article in the Phoenix New Times while I was in the bathroom the other night and saw this kid mentioned. It seems that the old Nintendo era video game tunes are quite the hot topic for cover bands these days. I mean, how great is that? These are the tunes that you had in your head for the entire time you owned the NES back in the day, so each one is like an old favorite that you haven’t heard in years, but you know every note like you wrote it yourself. Brilliant. Completely brilliant.

I particularly enjoy the Legend of Zelda covers because it reminds me of the days when we actually had two Nintendo boxes in our home — one for my brother and I to play, and the other for my mother and father to play Zelda on until all hours in the morning. Yes, my parents were, and still very much are, complete video game addicts.

In a related story, this guy plays the Mario theme song on an 11-string bass guitar which is rather amusing (it is a video).

And just so I remember at work in the morning, there are two other bands who are considered the top dogs of old Nintendo video game cover bands: The Minibosses and The Advantage (a crafty reference to my all time favorite game controller, the NES Advantage no doubt).

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